Paper Run

Paper Run

Leather journal update #1


Happy December! In this post I described my plans for a leather-bound journal. At the time I planned to make it for Halloween but, obviously, that didn't happen. Oops. Anyway, now I finally have the supplies I need in order to start this project! I've started sorting the paper into signatures, and I'll post again when I've made more progress.

Still hanging on to the spooky season


Some random doodles


Halloween journal plan


Happy October! It's really starting to feel like fall. I haven't done ay bookmaking in a while, and I thought I'd try making a somewhat Halloween-themed book. My plan is to make a leather journal-like book. It'll be 7 in. by 9 in. and 2 in. deep. I'll be using kettle stitch, partially because I need practice with it, but also because it holds togeather much better than the previous stitch I'd been using. The spine will have reinforcements on it to give it a more "old fasioned" look (not to actually reinforce the binding). I'll let you know when I start this project or how it's going soon.

One hour bookmaking project


I find that when I make books, I tend to spend a lot of time trying to make it the perfect book. What I need to be doing, I think, is making a lot of books and letting them be messy in order to keep learning from them. To help myself do this, I set a challenge for myself to make a book within one hour, and here's what I made:

I left the spine open because I'm not yet very good at gluing the cover fabric to the board, so it was good practice, and also I like the look of open-spined books. I want to keep doing more books in an hour, and I might try making one in 15-30 minutes sometime soon.

Welcome to Paper Run!


Hi, and welcome to Paper Run! I've recently started making books by hand. I'm still trying out some different ideas and techniques, and hopefully soon I'll start selling some on the HeartwoodTree Etsy site. I'll keep you updated on my progress. In the past few months, I've also started bullet journaling (If you haven't heard of the bullet journal, you can learn about it at The way I use my bullet journal has changed a lot since I started, so I'll share some of my evolution. I'll also be posting some random clips, both from my bullet journal and just some of the day's happenings.